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Massage therapy is a safe, nurturing and structured touch administered to another person by the therapist in order to provide a therapeutic or relaxation effect. It may be summarized as having a physical, physiological and psychological effect.

  • This is enough time to work on a specific area, not enough time for a full body massage.

  • 1 hour session is recommended for first time clients and for a full body massage.

  • This is enough time for a full body massage and some specific work.

No, not on normal tissues. On painful tissues it may, depending how tender the area is. The amount of pressure applied depends highly on the client. It is important to always tell your Massage Therapist if you feel any discomfort so they can adjust the pressure to the level that is good for you.

  • Do you suffer from stress, tension headaches, chronic back pain, shoulder or neck pain or stiffness?
  • Are you a weekend athlete/gardener?
  • Were you involved in a car accident and have been diagnosed with whiplash or sprain and strain injury?
  • Did you slip or fall and feel pain or stiffness in your back, legs, neck, arms or shoulders?
  • Are you pregnant or a new mom?
  • Do you want to improve your general well-being?
  • Are you in need of a vacation but cannot afford the time or money?
  • Or would you just like to relax and be pampered?

If you said yes to any of the above, then massage therapy is for you.
Why live with any of the above pain and stress – try massage – it will help.

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